Simply Self Cling N-Plates x2 TL1600


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Simply Self Cling N-Plates x2 TL1600

  • SELF CLING – the self-cling uses electrostatic to stick L plate to vehicle bodywork in a similar way to cling film.

  • 100% WEATHERPROOF – designed using quality materials these plates will last bad weather and road spray without deteriorating.

  • OFFICIAL LEGAL SIZE – be rest assured knowing that these plates have been manufactured to adhere to the government’s legal requirements for size and lettering.

  • SIMPLE FITTING INSTRUCTIONS – please ensure the area for application is clean, dry and free from dust, dirt and grease. Magnetic plates are not recommended for application onto recently re-sprayed paintwork. Plates must be removed from the vehicle after each learner session. The surface that the plate is to be applied to must be free from dust and dirt prior to attachment. Avoid placing the plate onto heavily contoured parts of the bodywork or parts that have been repaired using body filler. All edges must be in contact with steel panels.

Description SKU Item Barcode Package Dimensions (cm) Package Weight (kg)
Self Cling ROI N Plates (Pack of 2) TL1600 5037409114637 H 25.5 x W 19.3 x D 0.13 0.128